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Foresty Conclave at UGA March 17-20, 2011

The UGA Forestry Club is currently seeking sponsors for the Southern Forestry Conclave. Please go to the Become a Sponsor page for more info.

What is Forestry Conclave?

In 1958 the University of Georgia initiated and hosted the first annual Forestry Conclave. The purpose of Conclave was to promote cooperation and friendly competition among forestry schools across the Southeast. Just as importantly, it was meant to establish and maintain a high standard of ethics among students and professional foresters. Eight Southern forestry schools were involved in that first Conclave with less than 100 students competing in events such as archery, axe-throwing, pole climbing, log rolling, bow sawing, log birling, and cross-cut saw competition.

Today, the Forestry Conclave has grown to include 15 southern forestry schools and more than 250 contestants. The events are composed of the traditional physical events as well as technical events including dendrology, timber volume estimation, photogrammetry, wood identification, and others. In recent years, Stihl has sponsored the Collegiate Timbersports Challenge. This competition has become another tradition of Conclave. College athletes get the chance to compete for a spot in the premier lumberjack event, Stihl Timbersports Challenge.