Savannah, GA
Hilton Savannah DeSoto
March 9 – 11, 2008
Hilton Savannah DeSoto
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Meeting Presentations
Meeting Presentations

All Meeting Presentations together in ZIP file:

All Presentations are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. The free document reader, Adobe Acrobat, may be downloaded from:

Advantage of Non-Timber Forest Products - Li.pdf
Assessing Royalties - De La Torre.pdf
Bioenergy in MS - Perez-Verdin.pdf
Buyers Perspective - Lutz.pdf
Changes in the Tennessee Hardwood Sawmilling Industry - Luppold.pdf
Classification Tree Models - Young.pdf
Determination of Dumping in the US-Canada Trade - Kant.pdf
Discount Rates of Small Woodland Owners - Atmadja.pdf
Dynamic Patterns in US-Canada Trade - Koonnathamdee.pdf
E-Commerce Adoption - Arano.pdf
Effectiveness of Financial Incentive Programs - Greene.pdf
Effects of Length of Ownership on Landowner  Management Behavior - Guo.pdf
Evaluating Carbon Payments - Borders.pdf
Exchange Rate Volatility - Zhang.pdf
Fee-Based Recreation in LA - Henderson.pdf
Fire Prevention Efficacy - Prestemon.pdf
Forestry Market Trends - Harris.pdf
Hardwood Lumber Becoming More Price Elastic - Song.pdf
Hunting Demand - Poudyal.pdf
Imperative of Policy Management - Jones.pdf
Inflation and Returns - Lutz.pdf
Liability of Private Landowners - Sun.pdf
Logging Productivity in AL - Duc.pdf
Management Intensity of NIPF - Deng.pdf
Market Competitiveness for Raw Materials in the U.S.pdf
Ownership and Urbanization in the US South - Nagubadi.pdf
Places in Family Forestry - Zheng.pdf
Potential for Markets for Ecosystem Svcs - Mercer.pdf
Privatization of Collective Forestland in China - Shen.pdf
Sustainable Forest Management in the South - Koonnathamdee.pdf
The Value of Timber Inventory Information - Borders.pdf
Timber-Oriented Securities vs.pdf
Timber! Qualified gains - Tanger.pdf
US South in the Global Marketplace - Baker for Harris.pdf
Value of Environmental Amenities - Raunikar.pdf
Valuing diversity and spatial configuration of open space plots in urban neighborhoods - Poudyal.pdf




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